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SEA CONDOR SRL was founded in early 2009 by two partners with a long record of International and domestic Forwarding, logistics, warehousing, distribution and custom brokerage.

With a globalized world where these services are an essential chain between the supplier and consignee, SEA CONDOR SRL plays an important part in this chain to assure a swift, smooth and economic transfer of your goods.

Since early 2009 SEA CONDOR SRL has provided personalized, premium services to exporters and importers and continues to be at the foreground in meeting customer's needs.

Rather than just processing documents, we review all facets of your transportation needs and though our network of experts, we provide a customized service.  Whether by air, sea, truck or rail, the only call you need to make is to SEA CONDOR SRL

SEA CONDOR SRL is also a bonded carrier and can deliver cargoes from the port to an inland customs or from an inland customs to the port with very easy procedure and economically.